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Call for a Consultant for Evaluation of Uwezo Strategic Plan

Call for a Consultant for Evaluation of Uwezo Strategic Plan

Understanding of the Assignment

Uwezo Tanzania intends to conduct an evaluation of its Strategic Plan (SP 2020-2023) and support on development of its new Strategic Plan 2024-2027. The purpose of this evaluation is to provide Uwezo management, board and donors an independent opinion on whether and to what extent Uwezo has managed to implement its 4 year strategy. The assignment requires the consultant to assess and provide an opinion on the following key areas:
(i) Uwezo’s theory of change and underlying assumptions guiding strategy implementation as well as Uwezo’s assessment of the operating context,
(ii) Programmatic as well as operational and organizational development priorities,
(iii) Uwezo’s management capacity against the priorities set out and effort to ensure financial, programmatic and operational sustainability,
(iv) A pathway for developing an effective Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework and plan such framework and practices.
(v) The management and governance framework and practices at Uwezo and to provide recommendations on how UWEZO can adopt a fit-for-purpose structure and culture,
(vi) Recommend the necessary reforms and adjustments to ensure effective implementation of the next strategy.
(vii) Support on Development of UwezoTanzania new Strategic Plan 2024-2027

Specific Objectives of the assignment
The main goal of the Uwezo Mid-term review is to provide an independent assessment of the Implementation of the Uwezo four year plan (2020-2023). Towards this end, the review has five specific objectives;
1. To assess the Theory of Change and the underlying assumptions around which the strategy was built.
2. To assess the current management capacity, learning culture, governance framework and practices
3. To assess the effectiveness and relevance of Uwezo’s strategies for achieving results and sustainability
4. To identify successes and gaps in the implementation of the Uwezo strategy and the factors that led to such success or lack thereof.
5. To recommend to Uwezo the key adjustments and reforms to be undertaken in order to fulfill the goals set out in the strategy for the remainder of the period.
6. To Support on Development of UwezoTanzania new Strategic Plan 2024-2027

Expected Outputs
The final output of this assignment is expected to be a detailed report outlining the main findings and recommendations based on the overall objectives as stated in the ToR. The review is expected to lead to the production of several key output;
1. A comprehensive draft strategy review report outlining clearly the extent to which the Uwezo strategy has been implemented, the constraints for such implementation and the organization’s capacity to deliver. The review is expected to be based on documentary review, consultations with key informant interviews and stakeholder workshops as agreed between Uwezo and the consultant.
2. In the interim, the review will produce a maximum of three stakeholder workshops including a Uwezo funding partner’s workshop, a Uwezo implementing partner’s workshop and finally a joint staff and board workshop on the mid-term review.
3. A concrete list of recommendations for revisions, if any, of the Theory of Change and program priorities to enable Uwezo to develop a short-term plan for the implementation of the remainder of the strategy with clear resource needs and revised projections and plans.
4. Draft developed Uwezo Tanzania Strategic Plan 2024-2027.

How to Apply:

Kindly submit your application letter and all relevant documents including  2 sample of previous work through;

Note: All applicants need to have at least four years’ experience relevant to this role.
Deadline for application is, 1st February, 2023.

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