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Community Engagements for Action

‘Uwezo na Jamii’Community Engagement for Actions

We use various participatory approaches to engage with communities and local leaders

We share Uwezo assessment findings to create awareness of the citizens on the status of learning outcomes among their children in their locality. We also build capacity to Social Service committees to mobile other citizens to take actions to improve educations in their communities. Eg.  In the year 2021 we trained 450 members of the Social Service Committee in Handeni and Gairo district. The training focused on empowering them with knowledge and skills to effectively stimulate communities and teaming up together with village leaders, citizens and teachers to take some actions to improve learning outcomes in their localities. Almost 95% of the SSC members reported that they have not been oriented on their roles and responsibilities since they were elected.  “Uwezo training has made us more active to follow-up citizen concerns and enforce government laws to encourage parents to send all children to school” (Abdalla, Village Chairperson in Handeni)


With ‘Uwezo na Jamii’ we aim to trigger public discussions about quality education and related challenges and stimulate community and leaders’ responses for collective action to improve pupils’ attendance in school and learning outcomes. For example In the year 2021 we have noticed that communities started mobilizing themselves and took some actions to improve learning environments eg. Building of Classrooms- a total of 16 Classrooms and 33 pupils toilets were built by community members in 2 districts of Handeni and Gairo, and also in total 21 schools in both districts started providing school meals for children as the results of parents agreement during community meetings organized by Uwezo Tanzania. Also citizens have teamed up and held accountable the authorities on shortage of teachers hence some schools received teachers after that initiatives. More than 12,000 children from 30 primary schools in the sampled villages in both districts have benefited from this program.

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