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Engagement, Advocacy and Communications

Engagement, Advocacy and Communications

In line with all the programs we implement, we also carry out effective engagement, advocacy and communications for the purpose of realizing that, policy actors and practitioners use the evidence from the assessments, research and innovations/ experimental work for decision making to improve education policy and practices and resource allocation that improve learning outcomes.

We also aim to archive that, parents and citizens in communities become stronger partners of schools at the local level to improve learning environment, pupil attendance to schools and learning outcomes.

Our Impact

  • 8+ Years of Assessments
  • 271399+ Households Reached
  • 41,566+ Citizen Volunteers
  • 300+ Partner Organizations in Tanzania
  • 531128+ Children Tested

Partnership and Networks

Partnership is central to Uwezo philosophy and principles. One of Uwezo’s key strengths is the mobilization of thousands of local actors including local NGOs and citizen volunteers who are engaged to conduct learning assessments of children in their communities as well as supporting Uwezo Tanzania in implementing its other initiatives

Uwezo Tanzania has established a network of more than 41,566 citizen volunteers in all districts in Tanzania mainland, to reach thousands of households for testing children and collecting school and household-based data relevant to the learning assessment survey at scale.

From 2011 to 2022 Uwezo Tanzania has managed to partner with more than 300 NGOs in Tanzania who were involved to mobilize and recruit volunteers, and coordinate Uwezo literacy and numeracy assessment in all districts of Tanzania mainland in about 271399 households. We also organized district report launch events to share Uwezo assessment findings to education stakeholders in 159 districts, and conduct community engagement activities in 2 districts (Handeni and Gairo) reaching about 60 villages and more than 1,000 citizens including teachers, parents, pupils, and local and religious leaders. We have a credible partnership with government institutions and other non-state actors at the national level such as:-

  • Tanzania Institute of Education(TIE)
  • National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA)
  • National Bureau of Statistics(NBS)
  • Primary school Teachers
  • Universities
  • Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (TEN/MET)
  • Tanzania Teachers Union(TTU)
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