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Uwezo in GAWE 2023 event in Morogoro

Uwezo Tanzania is participating in commemoration of Global Action Week for Education (GAWE 2023) event. The event is taking place in Morogoro region, Morogoro District at Mvuha Village, from 17th -21st April 2023. About 32 NGOs and INGOs members of Tanzania Education Network (TEN/MET), are participating in this event.
Some of the activities taking place in the event are; visiting primary and secondary schools in some villages to conduct focus groups discussion with various groups eg. parents, students, teachers and village leaders on challenges hindering the provision of quality education to children.
Along with that, at Uwezo exhibition booth, children and stakeholders are collecting some publications including test booklets that are used to measure the ability of the children to read and numerate. The booklets have sets of tests in Kiswahili, Mathematics and English and are appropriate for children of class 2-7.
Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (TEN/MET) has been commemorating Global Action Week for Education (GAWE) for the past 14 years now since 2007. Each year a region is identified based on observed various educational challenges through the identified theme. The overarching goal of GAWE week has always been the same i.e., improving learning outcomes, however each year the commemoration of GAWE comes with specific objectives depending on the specific needs of the particular year and other contextual factors.
The Global Action Week for Education is a flagship event for the civil society education movement in the world and has been running successfully since 2003. The platform provides every national and regional education campaigner with an opportunity to highlight one area of the Education for All agenda and make targeted efforts to achieve change on the ground, with the added support of millions of education campaigners worldwide joining together for the same cause.
In 2016 the choice was made to focus on Financing Education, and remained a core focus area (with a broader theme around accountability and civil society participation). Education financing is key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4 by 2030 and thus education financing should remain at the heart of the campaigns as an underlying theme with connections to all other themes.

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